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Wool Blend Sleepsack

Keep your baby safe and warm with Dimples Double Layer Merino Sleepsac. That way the whole family gets a good night's sleep.

Fact - children sleep better if they are kept at a comfortable even temperature - Merino Wool has natural warming properties that ensure a healthy, warm temperature for better sleeping.

  • NB-2 year size measures 86 cm in length
  • Made from double layers of NZ Merino and cotton (50% Merino, 50 % Cotton) - safe, natural and healthy for your baby
  • 3 Merino Marl colours to choose fom - featuring Dimples famous hand embroidery
    Made in New Zealand so is chemical free
  • Unique doming system allows this baby sleeping bag can be used three different ways
  • Great for in the cot; no more kicking off the blankets
  • No disrupted Sleep - Using this baby sleeping bag means there will be no more disrupted sleeps while travelling. Dimples unique dome system allows for convenient use and transfer from the car-seat to pram or cot
  • Walking Toddler - the Dimples SleepSac can also be made into a jumpsuit…perfect for when your little one is mobile.
  • All night warmth - the SleepSac prevents baby from becoming cold while in their cot; no more kicking off the blankets!
  • Bedtime routine - baby will soon know that it is time for sleeping when put into the Sleepsac, a lovely way to start a bedtime routine.

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